Day 121 (Day 9) of The Middle Path Makeover – Press On

No this is not a post about fake press on nails or iron on tattoos. It’s about making a commitment to follow through on something bigger than I am. Something outside of myself. And in return, the reality is, that this something comes from within and I’m actually stretching and growing who I am, figuratively speaking. But I am no superhuman. Not in the slightest. I would say that I’m fairly average in almost every way. I honestly believe that if I didn’t surround myself with folks who believed in me and my endeavors, I’d probably quit on day 9 of this project. Oh wait. Today is day 9. I might be slightly exaggerating when I say that my husband threatened to take my life when I said I was going to bed without blogging tonight (okay more than slightly exaggerating), but I needed a kick in the you know what to march right over to the computer and login for day 9’s Middle Path Makeover posting.

Today seemed to fly. Balanced diet. Check. Exercised 20 minutes. Check. Consciously abstained from gossip. Check (that was tough today). Sitting meditation. Didn’t happen at all. I totally missed the boat on that today. I’ll have to sit for longer in the morning. Working meditation for about 1 hour. Check and very productive, I might add. Dana (charity) and doing something for someone without expecting anything in return: I gave up my seat on a crowded train and I donated $5 to a public school near my home who is in need of a new projector. Abstained from anger. Check and handled that surprisingly well.

And so there it is. 9 days of pressing on. Onwards and upwards (or downwards) but definitely onwards. 🙂

How’s it going with you? Do you need a kick in the you know what? It might be time to solicit your support group to motivate your ass.

Leah Joy, The Zenful(ish) Blogger 🙂

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