Day 125 (Day 5) of The Middle Path Makeover

Exhaustion set in long ago and in an effort to put something down tonight, I will just run down my list with “checks”, where checks are due, that is. I think this is a great exercise anyway, just to refresh my memory of what exactly is on the list:

Zazen sitting meditation a minimum of 10 minutes per day (check!)
Eating until I am full, not stuffed, and following a balanced diet program where I will track my food/activity (check on the not stuffed part, no check on the tracking/writing down my food/activity part- I don’t think pancakes count as part of a balanced diet… hmm… better tomorrow)
Positive self talk (Roger that!)
Commit to working on a single task at a time (check!)
Do something kind for someone without expecting anything in return (check a couple of times over)
Abstain from gossip (check!)
Abstain from reacting to anger I might experience (Yes! er, I mean check!)
Exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day (40 minutes of Yoga Vinyasa Flow this morning check!)

My weekly plan will also include:
Community service (scheduling for Wednesday- thinking about volunteering at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen)
Video Blog documenting my community service experience (scheduling for Thursday)

WOW! I feel energized after checking all that off. Kinda cool.

Hope 2011 is off to a good start for you too!

Leah Joy

2 thoughts on “Day 125 (Day 5) of The Middle Path Makeover

  1. Hello Zenful,
    Cool project! Thanks for sharing as you step along your new and important path. Good luck and remember you’re not alone! This is a path we all need to take…

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