Hollow Halloween

A QUESTION: Why do I spend year after year after year after year waiting until the very last-minute to drag myself and now the husband down to our local Party City to stake our claim in the scattered remains of overpriced bag-o-costumes? I’m dedicating this blog entry to discovering the real answer.

This year we went for the jugular (sorry): Vampire and Rag Doll Vampiress (what IS a rag doll vampiress you ask). We hurried home to stuff ourselves into the cape and fangs, wig and risqué rag doll dress (more like a long shirt; I thought it was a good idea at the time…) and smothered our faces in black lipstick to really drive the whole point of looking dead “home”. Then off to the party we went! Our friends appreciated our efforts although I spent the majority of the evening trying to pick out a biker shorts wedgy when I thought no one was looking. The Husband spit out his fangs 15 minutes in.  But still in the end, we enjoyed ourselves even after my dress morphed into a shirt and biker shorts frilly cyclist outfit.  I just let it be what it wanted to be (very Zen of me, I know).

So again I ask, why? Why do I do this to myself year after year? Do I enjoy black lipstick? The answer is yes. Do I enjoy pretending I’m someone else? A rhetorical question, I think. We all practice that to some degree 365 days a year, how is Halloween any different? AND if that’s in fact the case, why don’t we own up to it and dress up everyday? Maybe then our outsides will start to match who we think we are on the inside and then people won’t have to ask me “what are you supposed to be?”, they’ll just know I’m a rag doll vampiress, obviously. 🙂

Happy Halloween and here’s to keepin’ it real even when it’s not.

Leah Joy

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