Before You Take Your First (Or Next) Dance and/or Meditation Class…

May I suggest considering a few things before “diving in” to a new class or workshop series:

1. Perusing the website of the school you’re interested in should give you a great indication of what their regularly scheduled classes look like: Teachers and their bios, class descriptions and class levels of expertise.  In other words, do a little research first. Don’t just go to the school website to copy and paste the school’s address into your iPhone and “show up”. 🙂
2. Call and speak to someone who can helpfully and patiently explain the vibe of the school and answer all your excellent and maybe not-so-excellent questions.  You should feel like all of your questions and concerns are addressed fully.
3. Attire is important. Arrive prepared. Most meditation classes suggest loose-fitting, modest, comfortable clothing in non-distracting colors. Shoes and socks are usually removed at the door but are often replaced for walking meditation (Kinhin) if taken outdoors. Slip-on shoes are great for this. For dance, make sure to speak with the instructor in advance to find out what is required. You’ll feel prepared upon arrival and the teacher will appreciate you for it.  I appreciate you for it.

I welcome feedback.  Let me know how your class preparation goes!

In gassho,

Leah Joy

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