Saving Private Reiki

What is it about energy work that freaks most people out so much?  After all, it’s just energy, right?  We’re all made up of energy and it’s moving around inside of us and out just about all of the time. 

 So what’s all this taboo surrounding the practice of energy work like Reiki?  Perhaps  it’s because there is “Reiki for Christians” (does that mean Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims are excluded?).  There is “Catholic Reiki” which must mean that the Baptists and Protestants can’t participate.  There is “Crystal Reiki” where the chakras can be opened and energy moved by placing specifics colored crystals and stones on different points on the body.  What happens if you accidentally put the Amethyst where the Jade should be?  There’s “Hands Off, Hands On” Reiki therapy where the practice just sounds more disruptive than anything else (especially if you’re trying to nap during your session). 

 But all poking fun aside, wouldn’t it just be easier and more acceptable to everyone if we just stuck to the basics?  Why must this very simple and very effective work be splintered up into religious affiliations and beyond?  The work is based on the fact that we are all the same and made up of all the same stuff: energy.  Why not just call it plain old Reiki (no further disrespect to the fusion Reiki Masters of the Planet).  Energy work.  One body of energy moving another.   Moving what is through what was and vice versa.  As Robert Smith of the band the Cure would say it’s “Doing the Unstuck”. 

 Care to share your thoughts and energy?

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